Course Objectives, Expectations and Grading

Class attendance is mandatory, and you are asked to do your best to be on time. Absences may result in a grade reduction, and more than two absences may lead to a request that you withdraw from the class prior to receiving a final grade.

In the event that you miss a class, you should contact me to explain the circumstances and then contact a classmate to find out what you have missed. Each student is expected to learn the name and contact information of one person in the class who can be a resource.

All readings are required: you must come to class prepared to discuss them and do in-class exercises.

You must complete all writing assignments, graded and ungraded. If you will be late with an assignment, you are responsible for alerting me to that and letting me know the circumstances.

You must attend one session of the university symposium on Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique, February 22-23, 2013. This will be in place of the class you would normally attend on February 27th. If you do not attend the symposium you cannot complete one of the CR/F assignments.

Grading: This course values participation and engagement over standard methods of evaluation like graded exams and essays. This does not mean that the course is easy; rather, it means that keeping up steady participation, rather than getting work done in intense bursts, will be important to your success.

Your grade will be determined by the following formula:

Class participation & attendance, 20%
Personal goal for the class (CR/F), 5%
Betty Friedan response paper (CR/F), 10%
Paper #1, 25%
Midterm self – evaluation (CR/F), 10%
Paper #2, 20%
Final in-class exercise (CR/F), 10%

You can retrieve the grading rubric for individual assignments here.

All writing will be handed in, graded and returned electronically. Please label all files clearly with your last name and send them to me either by email or by sharing them on Google Docs.


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